Leaky & Damaged Roof Repairs in Manchester – Asphalt & Metal

Handling repair projects for residential asphalt shingle and metal roofs.

We Fix and Repair Roof Leaks and Damage

We are your restoration and repair partner for your roof problem. We fix the problem especially when water starts to get inside the drywall and insulation. We bring back the condition of your roof so it’s ready for the rainy season.

We implement follow up repairs to ensure that the roof is completely secured. We include water leak test so you’ll be satisfied if we’re able to complete the job.

We use high-quality materials in our roof repair project that can last for years. We partner with world-class manufacturers to provide materials that pass industry standards. The materials we use have warranties that guarantee protection to your roof.

Full Inspection

We use a checklist to ensure that we have fully inspected your roof before we start repairing it. Here’s the important list we follow in every repair project:

Man Cleaning Damage Roof

Find the source of the leak

We inspect your roof thoroughly to find the source of the leak. Your roof may experience water damage, dry rot or dry and brittle wood shingle. These conditions are prone to leak and we painstakingly find it for you.

Take a picture

We take a picture of your roof so we can easily identify the areas where we should work. We also send you pictures of the finished job.

Roof repair not replacement

We do our best to find ways to save your roof because replacing the entire roof is expensive. When we replace your roof, we ensure that it lasts for at least five years – enough time to save for re-roofing.

Same day report of estimate

After we inspect your roof, we’ll send you an estimate of the project. We provide a detailed quote that itemized the scope of the project. We stick to our quote – you don’t need to worry about paying extra.

Roofing Experts You Can Trust

One of our secrets in staying in the business is our prompt service. Our clients have commended us for being responsive from the time they ask for a quote up to the last day of our work. We believe that communication hiccups can ruin our relationship so we ensure to get back to you as soon as we read your message.
We welcome your questions during the initial stage to ensure that we’re working on the same page for a smooth sailing project. Our customer service representatives are more than happy to answer your follow up questions, in case you forget to ask during our personal meetings. We prefer to make things clear before we start repairing your roof.

We don’t categorize a roof repair project as small or big. We consider every project as a big project. Because a roof is an essential structure of a house, we complete our work as fast as possible without sacrificing the quality. We aim for a fast work to ensure that your roof is ready for the next season.

Don’t hesitate to call us during the rainy season, we’re here to save your roof from further damage.

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