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Metal Roofing is a common choice for house owners all throughout the world. With proper care and maintenance, they can last as long as the house. There are numerous benefits when you choose a metal roof.

It can withstand fire, strong winds, water and snow for long periods of time. It is resistant to fire, mildew, insects, and rot. Most companies also back their products with a 20-25 – year warranty. However, improper installation and a lack of maintenance are the leading cause of fast deterioration in these types of roofs.

Looking For Residential Roofers Near Manchester?

We at My NH Roof have been providing metal roofing services for years in the industry. We have handled almost every type of steel roofs available in the market and have the required knowledge to install them correctly. Having dealt with almost all the metal roof suppliers in the market, we keep close ties with the top manufacturers of steel roofing materials in order to make sure we get the best grade quality of metal roofing. This ensures longevity, proper maintenance, and calculated installations as well as more cost-benefit decisions to properly guide you with your choices.

Aside from our high-quality craftsmanship and keen attention to detail, we at My NH Roof also make it a priority for our clients to be educated on the type of roof they choose. Roof installation is just the first part of the process of having a strong, sturdy, and durable roof, the quality and longevity of the roof will always depend on its maintenance. Once you hire us, our professional roofing contractors will make sure that you are part in every step of the way.


Affordable steel & aluminum roofs

The roof tiles and roof panels that we use are suitable for converting flat roofs to pitched whether it’s a pre-fabricated building, a non-traditional/traditional house, re-roofing of schools or prisons, over-roofing of asbestos, industrial sheeting or felt, we have just the right supplier with the right price.

Although there can be a lot of cons in using steel roofing, such as the noise of the rain when it hits, the constant contraction and expansion of the material and the difficulty in replacing, we at My NH roof are geared with the proper knowledge set by studies applied in all our workmanship. We try our best to instill in our practices the innovations brought by research in this industry.
We at My NH roof comply with various building regulations and standards.

Metal Roofing can become very noisy when it’s raining cats and dogs. With years of experience in installing and repairing metal and steel roofs, we include a material that minimizes and absorbs the noise. This is because the materials are very lightweight compared to other types in the market and react with a loud noise when being hit by water.

We at My NH roof also maintain our concern for the environment. We only suggest and use metal roofing that is 100% recyclable. This way, when the time comes that your roof might need a drastic change the material will not be wasted and will be used to produce other materials.



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